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Q. What are the rates for your rooms?
A. Every event or function has different needs and requirements – please contact Jay Parton, Operations Manager, at 704-944-6842, with the specific details of your event, so that we can determine the most cost-effective way to hold your function and provide you with the best rental fee possible.

Q. Do we provide linens?
A. Unfortunately, no – the client (or their party planner or caterer) is responsible for arranging for linens.

Q. What size tablecloths do we need?
A. Our table sizes are as follows:

Round tables – 6’x6′   Oval tables – 5’x6′  Rectangular tables – 3’x6′ & 2.5’x6′  Card tables – 36″x36″

Please note we do not have any cocktail (‘high-boy’) tables available (your party planner can arrange to rent these if needed).

Q. Do I need to pay extra for any audio/visual (a/v) equipment?
A. In almost all cases, the use of a/v equipment is included in your rental fee and there is no extra charge. We will also provide you with instruction on the use of any a/v equipment or systems.

Q. What type of decorations are permitted?
A. Please refer to the FSP Decoration Policy for the specifics. In general, however, decorations may not be taped or tacked to the walls. If you are having Mitzvah Baskets, please arrange with someone from Jewish Family Services to arrange for pickup of the baskets immediately after the event is over.

Q. When can I (or the party planner or caterer or DJ) have access to set up the room?
A. This depends upon the event, when it is scheduled, and what other events may be scheduled prior to it. Our facility is normally closed from 5:00pm on Fridays until 12:00noon on Saturdays in observance of the Jewish Sabbath. For Bar/Bat Mitzvah luncheons on Saturdays starting at 12:00noon (or just after), access will be permitted at 9:30am. Any access (if available) to the room prior to the day of the event would need to be scheduled with the Operations Manager in advance.

Q. When can deliveries (rental equipment/furniture/dishware/food/balloons) be made?
A. In most cases, deliveries must be made the day of the event. In some cases, deliveries may be made prior to the day of the event if space permits. All deliveries must be scheduled in advance with the Operations Manager.

Q. What is the capacity of the room?
A. The capacity of the room will depend upon the type of event and how it is set up. For more detailed room capacities, please click on the link for each room.

Q. When do I need to determine how I want the room set up?
A. All room setups need to be submitted to the Operations Manager no later than 10 days prior to the event. This includes requirements for tables, chairs, and any other furniture or audio/visual equipment.

Q. Where will my guests park and which entrance should we use?
A. This depends on what room your event is in, what time of day, weekday or weekend, and other events going on in the Park. The Operations Manager, in conjunction with the Director of Safety & Security, will determine this and inform you of the best area for parking and correct entrance to use. This should be discussed at the time you book the room, so it can be included on your invitations.

Q. What vendors (caterers/party planners/DJ’s/etc) can I use?
A. Caterers must be on our Approved Caterer List. All other vendors you will be using must have their insurance company submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance, with the ‘Foundation of Shalom Park’ named as the Certificate Holder, at least 2 weeks prior to the event.